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With the Halwasiya Group you are in good hands. Our on-time delivery and solid execution experiencespeak volumes about our reliability.


So, goes the saying in the industry "There are three things that matter in real estate - Location location and location".
We go the extra mile to ensure that our projects are well located and thereby enabling our clients to enjoy the privileges of being in a well-located property, such as


Transparency on approvals

We maintain transparency at all times pertaining to the various government approvals required.


At the Halwasiya Group we are obsessed with quality. The quality of the soil, the efficiency of the design, the quality of the construction material, the stringent control mechanisms, of the expertise of the execution team, and of every aspect that goes into making a great property. This obsession of ours is reflected in our projects and you can spot them in the minutest of details.

Quality of tenants

We strive to ensure that the client profiles match the respective building profile, as this goes a long way in maintain in maximizing client satisfaction and ensuring that the environment and feel of the building is as promised and uniform.

Support Services

Our upcoming projects, depending on the verticals, have amenities that complement and are conducive to the lifestyles of our clients. These include but are not limited to club houses, workspaces, banquets, green spaces, Wi-Fi, and play areas.

Our upcoming projects are all environmentally sensitive and designed keeping in mind IGBC certifications.

Building Maintenance

Typically, the maintenance of the building is outsourced to an International Property Consultancy. Each property has a dedicated facility management team, backed by regional best practices and cumulative hands on experience and expertise. They go a long way in monitoring and increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Our recent and upcoming commercial and retail properties have automated Building Management Systems, which are overseen and managed by the dedicated facility management team. We maintain a dedicated fund to keep upgrading the building and calibrate the requirement based on feedback from the occupants and the market.

Ease of Documentation

People often find registration of deeds, document verification and other legal paperwork very cumbersome and intimidating. Our team works with our clients to ensure smooth and hassle-free documentation of their property.

Our teams are available in whatever capacity to assist for rentals, resale and purchases.

Resale and Rentals

We facilitate interaction of buyers and sellers of our properties, such that each party has full clarity and can mutually agree upon terms of the sale.

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